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Stamped Concrete Patio With a Slate Pattern.

Enjoy A New Concrete Deck Or Patio This Year

Are you looking for an excellent way to get more enjoyment and long-term value out of your property?  Do you enjoy hosting family or friend get togethers and parties?  Why not build a beautiful new concrete deck or patio?  Maybe it’s a new concrete deck for your pool, or just an outdoor cooking and eating area?

Unlike traditional decking materials like wood or composite materials a concrete deck or patio is almost maintenance free.  The clean up is incredibly easy and concrete is impervious to weather and everyday general use.  Concrete patios and decks can also be colored to match your home or building and we can even apply decorative finishes as well to spice up your concrete so it’s no so drab and boring.

TSG Construction is a full service concrete contractor based out of Niederwald, Texas.  We specialize in building concrete decks and patios.  Whether you’d like to replace a cracked, sunken and aging concrete patio or you’d like to build a beautiful, sprawling back deck for your pool, the team at TSG can pull it off!

Concrete Deck and Patio Construction

  • New residential concrete patios
  • Removal and replacement of old concrete patios
  • Decorative concrete decks and patios
  • Stamped concrete decks and patios
  • Commercial concrete decks and patios

Replacing An Old Concrete Deck or Patio

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to call us and they want to replace their concrete slab patio.  Over the years, and especially if it wasn’t framed and poured right to begin with a concrete patio could develop cracks, which just become larger as the ground continues to settle and move.  The concrete could sink as well, which just makes the problem even worse.  This is why compacting the site of the concrete patio or deck properly and with the correct layers of fill is critical to the longevity of your new concrete slab.

TSG Construction can come in and inspect your old concrete slab patio, listen to your ideas an take some detailed measurements so we can calculate the surface area and volume of your project.  With these numbers, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate quote for our services that will include the removal of your old concrete patio and the pouring of a beautiful new and level slab.

Concrete Patio Decorative Concrete Finishes

  • Concrete Patio Coloring
  • Concrete Patio Staining
  • Decorative Concrete Finishes
  • Flagstone Concrete Surfacing
  • Stone Concrete Surfacing
  • Tile Concrete Surfacing
  • Brick and Wood Concrete Surfaces

Why Choose TSG Construction For Your Concrete Patio?

When you choose TSG Construction to frame and pour the concrete foundation for your next construction project you are partnering with a team of concrete professionals with several years of industry experience.  We can work with your engineers or architects to plan and build the foundation exactly to your specifications.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate for your concrete foundation construction project please give us a call (512) 214-3700 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you.