Concrete Paving and Flatwork in Austin, Niederwald and San Marcos TX

Concrete Paving and Flatwork Contractor
This Looks Like Cobblestone – It’s Actually Stamped Concrete.

Concrete Paving and Flatwork Construction

Concrete is a very popular building material around our part of Texas and around the rest of Country for that matter.  It’s an excellent, durable and long-term building material perfect for flatwork such as parking lots, driveways, parking pads, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, wheel chair ramps and more.  There is a lot more planning and preparation work that goes into a successful concrete pour and it’s the difference between concrete that looks good and lasts vs concrete that is sunken and cracked within a few short years.  The difference is in the details.

TSG Construction is a full service concrete paving and construction contractor based out of Niederwald, Texas and serving the Austin Texas area. We specialize in all aspects of residential concrete flatwork and paving including driveways, parking lots, turn-arounds, sidewalks, walkways, landscaping and more.  Concrete is the perfect, low maintenance, long-lasting building material for a variety of projects.

Concrete Paving and Flatwork Services

  • Decorative concrete
  • Concrete parking areas
  • Concrete sidewalks and walkways
  • ADA compliant concrete wheelchair ramps
  • Concrete driveways and shop floors
  • Textured or smooth concrete surfacing

Decorative Concrete Finishes and Textures

Your concrete doesn’t have to be dull and boring!  We can add different finishes and texture to your concrete such as a slate finish, wood grain, brick, stone and more.  We can use a variety of different concrete “stamps” to add more aesthetic appeal to your concrete.  This is especially popular for driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks and outdoor cooking areas.

Why Choose TSG Construction For Your Concrete Flatwork Construction?

When you choose TSG Construction for concrete paving and flatwork construction services for your next construction project you are partnering with a team of construction professionals with several years of industry experience.  You can count on great communication, superb work ethic, and high quality finished work to your engineering specifications.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate for your concrete paving or flatwork project please give us a call (512) 214-3700 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you.